Men’s Issues

1927704806So, how are men’s issues different?

“Suck it up!” “Tough it out!” Do these phrases sound familiar? When we were kids, those were the messages we received, suggesting that being a man meant shutting down our emotions and being more of the strong, silent type.

We have feelings but don’t talk about them, and we don’t get all touchy-feely or show vulnerability.

We don’t want to appear weak because admitting our struggle would make us less masculine. We still have these feelings deep inside, but there’s nowhere to let them out.

So maybe we lift weights or do other “guy” things to mask our suffering. That hasn’t gone well because here you are, looking for help because maybe the way we men have been doing things isn’t actually working.

Consider this. Could you be your own biggest obstacle? You’ve come to the right place to find the answer to that question, and we’re here to tell you that “manning up” and suppressing our feelings is the thing that’s hurting us and even killing some of us guys.

“Great, but what do we do now?”

It’s time to start learning to express the sh*t in our hearts and minds.

We don’t care how macho you think you are. If you don’t deal with your thoughts and feelings in a healthy way, you will miss out on life.

You may be depressed or have anxiety, or your work and your relationship are causing you overwhelming stress. Maybe you rely on drugs or alcohol to deal with the pain. You could have bouts of anger and rage, and sometimes you might feel like ending it would just be much easier.

Trust us when we say there’s another way.

Mens Issues Img 2Therapy provides a safe place to learn how to handle those emotions.

Whatever your issue is – bring it to therapy. If you don’t know what your issue is, we’ll figure it out together. Every issue has a solution; you will be safe as we discover yours.

We will help you build new tools and skills that will allow you to live more authentically and communicate more effectively.

If you’re finally ready to gain a better understanding of who the hell you are and how you can have better relationships with the people around you, then let’s get to work.

Call us at (949) 229-0871, and let’s get started.