Individual Therapy

576193819Overwhelmed and unhappy?

Life is feeling like Groundhog Day, and you seem to dread even waking up.

The to-do list is mounting, and your mind flashes to everything you didn’t accomplish yesterday. You’re in such an emotional deficit, but your responsibilities force you to continue trying to power through.

You feel like you’re drowning, trying desperately to keep your head above water.

You question why you are trying so hard but not getting any relief.

Something must change – You can’t keep living this way.

You’re stuck on a hamster wheel, repeating the same patterns over and over.

What you’re doing isn’t working, but you don’t know how to change it.

You’ve tried talking with friends and family, but that just leaves you feeling alone and misunderstood.

You wonder if it will ever get better.

615966611Individual therapy can help!

The people we work with often find their old coping skills are no longer working.

No amount of drinking, exercise, work, money, Netflix, or sex can take away the feelings they keep experiencing.

We help people learn new skills and thought patterns, and gain insights – to help them take more control over their life and their future.

People who work with us feel supported and understood – sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Find the life you want to live.

Individual therapy is going to take hard work. But together, we will meet the challenge.

We will explore your life through exercises that will uncover the authentic you.

Reach out today to learn how to break your patterns and step into a full, energizing, and empowering life.

Call us at (949) 229-0871, and let’s get started.