Couples Therapy

273337175“How did we get here?”

“It happened again – another argument. I’m not even sure what it was about this time. But lately, we can’t seem to be around each other without it becoming a fight.”

“It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when our relationship was fun and exciting.”

“But something changed. Now, we’re disconnected and hurt, spending all our time trying to avoid another conflict.”

Stop! You may be off track, but these difficulties don’t have to be permanent.

Is it supposed to be this hard?

“I desperately want to reconnect with the person I fell in love with, but it feels like we speak different languages.”

“I’m not ready to give up on this relationship, but things keep worsening. It all feels so hopeless.”

“There must be some other way, right?”

It’s okay; you can re-learn how to talk and communicate with each other. We can help.

1475615111Feeling alone and misunderstood?

“We grew up in families with a different lifestyle.”

“We have different traumas from previous relationships.”

“Our coping strategies and our family values were different.”

“We have different styles of communicating and expressing love.”

Differences are good. Accepting and understanding them is what creates an excellent opportunity for longstanding connection. We’ll give you the tools to get there.

Couples therapy is worth it!

Investing in your relationship is worth more than repeating the same negative patterns over and over.

The investment is worth more than the repeated hurt and heartbreak you’re experiencing and the eventual breakup or divorce. Receiving help from couples therapy is worth more than having your kids split time between different households.

Both of you are role models for how your kids learn to cope and adapt to adversity. These are crucial skills they need to receive from each of you.

You can set an example right now of what it looks like to heal and build new tools to become a better team. Your relationship is worth that extra effort.

1463234327Get back on track.

In our sessions, you’ll have the chance to talk honestly in a safe environment. We don’t take sides because while you two may be the primary players, your relationship is the actual client.

We’ll identify your triggers and break your harmful patterns, allowing you to return to a place of connection and trust.

It’s going to be difficult. You will have to be vulnerable and willing to learn new things. But if you’re ready to put the work in, getting your relationship back on course is more than possible.

Call us at (949) 229-0871. It’s not too late to re-establish your path toward a happy and fulfilling life together.