About Rachel Malin

AdminLife Can Be Difficult

We all go through tough times, and your difficult experiences might make you question who you are, what life is about, your expectations for the future, and your relationships.

But the good news is that you don’t have to face these challenging times alone. Seeking help means that you have already taken the first step toward healing and opened the door to a safe space where actual change can happen.

Support Can Make a Difference

No one is supposed to be able to figure out everything independently. Together, we can help you find inner strength, resilience, and new perspectives – even when living under dire circumstances.

We will uncover what is important to you and find direction in building a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Create Lasting Change

I use a compassionate yet direct approach that will give you the care and support you need to feel safe in expressing what is truly in your heart and mind.

You can expect our work to be collaborative while we discover new methods to help you reach your goals. There is hope, and together, we can step forward in your journey toward gaining a deeper awareness of yourself and your sense of well-being.

More About Me

I received my Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University in San Diego, CA, and completed my post-doctoral training at Ventura County Conditional Release Program (CONREP), primarily working with the forensic and severely mentally ill population from the California Department of State Hospitals. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at Anka Behavioral Health in Pleasant Hill, CA, working primarily with anxiety and depressive disorders, psychotic disorders, trauma related-issues, substance abuse issues, as well as the forensic population.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends when I’m not working. I also love being cozy on the couch with my fur babies while binge-watching my favorite shows. Additionally, I enjoy reading and learning. I continue researching the latest literature in the field to learn how to help my clients best.

While I see clients of all types, some of my specialties are:

  • Psychosis
  • Bipolar
  • Trauma and PTSD (i.e., Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Abuse)
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Women’s Issues
  • Sex Addiction
  • EMDR

We Can Help

Together, we can clarify the root of your concerns and move through a step-by-step process of creating hope, healing, and lasting change. Let’s get started. Call today at (949) 229-0871.

Rachel Malin, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist